What does Global Diagnostics do?
The Bodyscan shows your health. A kind of MOT for your body.

It is a unique measuring system, new on the market in the Netherlands, which is designed and developed in Switzerland. Since 1993, doctors and therapists in many European countries including Germany, Austria and Switzerland have been using this system. Their experiences are very positive.

The measuring system measures the energetic structures of the body safely and accurately. This is done by means of electromagnetic frequencies that are transmitted to the body. As a result, disruptions in the body can be signaled at an early stage before physical complaints occur.
This measurement gives you a clear picture of how things are with your health.

The complaints are traced and hidden disruptions can be dealt with.

These disruptions are displayed on a computer screen in clear graphs and in a special 3D presentation. This way you can see for yourself exactly where imbalances are present in the body. These imbalances can be handled directly by the device.

If there is a small disruption, for example caused by a toxin (poison), all the forces in the body will work together to find a balance again and repair the damage.

A weak organ or system that does not work properly does not immediately cause pain or other symptoms. However, if these hidden disturbances remain untreated, they can eventually lead to a reduction in the resilience of the body.

That is why it is useful to take preventative measures before physical complaints occur.

However, even if symptoms are already present, it may be helpful to understand the health status of the body to be able to choose the right treatment.

Every organism has its own reaction pattern.
Every part and every system of the body, whether they are healthy or sick, show an individual response pattern to external stimuli. Based on this response pattern, valuable conclusions can be drawn about the current state of health and the functioning of the organs and systems studied.

With the Vitatec Global Diagnostics measuring system, these reaction patterns are measured and evaluated.

The measurement results provide a wealth of information. The energetic health status of all organs (for example the kidneys, lungs and heart) and systems of the body (for example the lymphatic system, the digestive system, the immune system and the system to which the muscles, skeleton and joints belong) are made visible.

How does a measurement with Vitatec Global Diagnostics:

You are connected to the Vitatec Global Diagnostics device via two electrodes that are attached to the inside of the ankles. The measurement is usually performed in a lying position and is painless.

Within 8 minutes the device performs an accurate measurement of more than 600 different body functions. The measurement results with regard to the systems, functions, organs, etc. are immediately graphically displayed on the computer.

After an automatic electrosmog measurement in the beginning (to prevent interference from outside), more than 100 million individual measurements of the body are made. All measurements are then repeated to verify the results. This makes the measurement accurate and reliable.
After the measurement you will receive the diagnosis discussion. You can then choose to undergo treatment to restore the greatest imbalances in your body. This is done with the same device.

In addition to measurement, diagnosis and treatment, you will receive orthomolecular nutritional advice so that you can also adjust your diet in daily life for better health.

If you have always wanted to know what the state of health of your body is like, it is now time for a preventative check-up with the Bodyscan from Vitatec Global Diagnostics. You don't have to wait to be sick to do a check up, better work preventive!

First Consult:  97 Pounds

Continuation Consults if necessary: 57 Pounds

Call for appointment: 0031615499391

In London: January 30th till February 5th

                 February 28th till March 8th



Your organs
Your skeleton
The diagnoses, this person had a heart condition, as you can see at the blue stripes. Not diagnosted in the hospital.
all 13 systems of the body
Energy level
Chronic inflammations
Health of your teeth
Allergies, micro organisms like bacteria, virusses, parasites, molds.
The heart
Your brain
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