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Omega 3 oil

The necessary importance of Omega 3
Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid. We cannot create it in our bodies ourselves. So we have to get it through our diet. Unfortunately we get a lot of omega 6 and not enough omega 3. This must be balanced, about 1 to 1. However, we often see that the omega 6 is 20x higher than the omega 3. So we have to eat less omega 6 and much more omega 3. We only need both in the right balance. Omega 6 is mainly found in low-fat margarines, margarines, butters, sunflower oil, meat, cheese, dairy and eggs. Omega 3 is mainly found in linseed, hemp seed, chia seed, rapeseed, coconut oil, walnuts, salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel, butterfish, eel, sardines, trout and algae. However, research shows that we eat too little of this type of products to get enough omega 3. Every cell in our body needs a healthy ratio of omega 3/6.
It is very important that there is good waste processing from the cell. You can improve this by using a high-dose Omega 3. This is of course known for being good for the heart and blood vessels and the brain. What it also does is make the cell wall more permeable. This allows the nutrients in better and the waste out better. What happens when you first give your cells time to recover through the use of a high-dose Omega 3 is that your cells will take up the food nutrients again. If the cells are so cramped that they can no longer do that, you will also notice that the use of supplements does not really help. If you have enough Omega 3 in your blood again, your cells will absorb again and you will become healthier again.
This Omega contains per 10 ml:
Energy 83 Kcal
Saturated 1410 mg
Monounsaturated 4600 mg
or which Omega-9 3320 mg
Polyunsaturated 2040 mg
or which Omega 3 1830 mg
or which EPA 650 mg
or which DHA 770 mg
Vitamin D3 8.3 mg
Omega 3 helps / is good for:
* Diabetes
* Viruses
* Radiation (4G / 5G)
* Healthy skin
* Psoriasis / eczema
* Healthy hormone balance
* Inhibits inflammation (often we have chronic inflammation)
* Allergies
* Asthma / Bronchitis
* Auto immune diseases
* Activated cell division
* Pain, swelling, fever
* Blood pressure lowering
* Health of heart, blood vessels, cholesterol, brain and nervous system
* Memory, dementia, alzheimer
* Healthy eyes
* Good resistance / immune system
* (Brain) development of fetus and baby
* Preventing platelet clotting
* Important when using statins and insulin
* Stress
* Positive effect on resection of veins after coronary angioplasty / bypass surgery
* Reduces risk of stroke
* Reduces chance of cancer
* Risk of glucose intolerance decreases and triglycerides are lowered
* Prevent premature birth
* Helps to maintain healthy eyesight
What distinguishes our omega 3 from other omega 3? 
Contains no PCBs, dioxins, heavy metals and hormone-disrupting substances.
Has no degradation reaction / oxidation.
Is a certified oil and has the MSC quality mark.
NYOOC Gold Award
GMP certificate
Contains raw olive oil, vitamins D and E.
Cod, haddock and coalfish are caught in the cold nutritious Arctic Ocean and processed within an hour.
Blood test:
There is a possibility to do a blood test. This blood test is very easy to do yourself through a finger prick. You send this test to Norway. With about 15 to 20 working days you can see the result on the website what your omega 3 score is and what the ratio is between omega 3 and 6. After 4 months of using the omega 3 you can do another test and then see what did the omega 3 for you.
For an even better result you can combine the omega 3 with vitamins K2 and D3.
You also want to grow old healthy, fit and vital, right?!
If you want to order, go the the website: and use the numer 8513909 to register and order.
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